Digitial Interactive Solutions for K-12

Technology is spreading its branches and small towns are bucking themselves to adapt the transformation with open arms. Classteacher Learning Systems, a pioneer in the K-12 education system now forays into Gaya to provide 180 Digital Interactive Classrooms in 12 schools. Classteacher has recently tied up with the DAV schools in the city to provide Digital Interactive Solutions and make learning more fun and easier for the students.

Classteacher, with its various learning programs provides a holistic approach to the students as well as the teachers to make education a more personalized and interactive experience. There are myths that digital  interactive programs cost a lot but with the friendly and flexible solutions from Classteacher, the overall cost was really worth it.

  Seeing the phenomenal change and progress of the student, Mr KK Sinha, Principal, DAV Gaya proudly says, “It feels great to see the response of the students in the class now. The interactivity of the curriculum makes the students feel empowered thereby boosting their confidence and participation level. With Classteacher, we have provided Digital Interactive Learning Programs in 180 classrooms as we believe it provides seamless integration of educational content thereby creating a truly immersive learning experience for both students as well as teachers”.

Mr Rohit Pande, CEO, Classteacher Learning Systems said, “We are proud to be part of Bihar’s growth story. Technology in education and our latest innovation – classpad is poised to bring the flame of learning to every nook and corner of Bihar and help the new generation leapfrog to the possibilities of our times and age.”


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