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E-books in India are though at a nebulous state, but there is no denying the fact that it is ever evolving and has a promising future in India. E-books are the next big leap for education system in India. For a generation that is essentially driven by technology and has tabs and smart phones as indispensible part of their daily lives, introduction of e-books as a part of their education is indeed the next step.

With the digital medium for education catching up in India, e-books will not be left far behind. Apart from saving trees, which are the main source of print books; e-books make reading and learning much more fun. Unlike traditional print books, e-books have simulations, animations which make e-books much more interactive.

Apart from the above advantages of an e-book over traditional print book, e-books provide much more advanced features. Every word in an e-book can be searched, because their content is scanned.  While reading an e-book, a reader can jump from one book to another e-book through the hypertext, so e-books are not just the future of education, but in due course they will redefine the process of learning as well. Not to forget that e-books will free students of their heavy bags.

Although to experience the benefits of this amazing technology, we do need to make sure that every classroom has computer lab and has access to internet and to achieve this, infrastructural reforms are needed. According to Internet World Stats, an international website that features world internet usage, India ranks third in internet usage with nearly 100 million users, comprising 8.4 per cent of India’s population and 4.7 per cent of world users

The good news is children are not just accepting technology as medium for learning but are enjoying it as well. The e-publishing industry in India is growing and a number of new e-readers are being introduced in the market. The launch of different e-readers shows growing confidence in this industry.